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L.S.I. has developed a new type of eddy current separator and has applied for a patent in 2012.

Physically it works without the classical magnetic drum construction and offers a multiplicity of the forces on non-ferrous metals!

A standardization of the ability to separate is useful.

Lead is the non-ferrous metal with the most adverse properties in conductivity and density. Compared to aluminum it has only 3%.

Lead samples are a measure of the performance of eddy current separators and simulate the sorting in the waste incineration slag without extensive analyzes.

An assessment of the sorting of waste incineration slag over weight percent is insufficient and is essentially only dependent on the machine setting!

Test separation: Grain size 2mm mixed  with lead 0,3 - 1,2mm and/or aluminium 0,4 - 1,2 mm

RMS rotors with 5,2 kHz Pole-frequency

Schwere_NE_Metalle_0..2mm_und_0..avi Shredderleichtfraktion_RMS _HD.avi Aluminium_RMS.mp4 Blei_RMS.mp4 Entsorga_Artikel_L.S.L. Mechatronics.pdf
L.S.I. Eddy Current Separator

In the meantime, we have sorting analyzes from institutes, that demonstrate a superior performance in direct comparison!

LSI_Analyse_Twence.pdf Wissenswertes Testkit L.S.I..pdf
Formular_Testkit L.S.I..pdf RMS_Foerderung.mp4 Schwelle_Automation.mp4
Aluminium_0,5.mp4 Institut_Untersuchung.pdf

- controlled with Siemens PLC and visualization

- fully automatic  control about the treshold with linear guide and motors

- Rotor with 4kHz pole frequency  and  the strongest neodymium magnets

  of all competitors of the market

- Eddy Current machine complet capsulated with dust suction

- machine widht with double rotor to 2000mm

- sorted Aluminium < 0,5mm in the first pass more than 80%